Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh, Hi!

So, I've been doing good with trying to transition...but not really.  I did, however, cook a lasagna that used the protein crumbles instead of actual ground meat.  I have also been aiming for meatless choices when I buy food.  I discovered Healthy Choice Steamers, which have quite a selection of mushroom based meals.  I have also eaten many beef meals.  In fact, last night I had a wonderful steak with a couple friends and had a delicious slow-cooked pot roast tonight.  One good thing about the pot roast that my roommate cooked is that I have kinda figured out not only how to reproduce it, but how to make it with meat and meatless for me.  I am going to put just a small amount of roast in the slow cooker and add lots of vegetables.  That way, Marc will be satisfied and I can eat meatless.  I know, I know, that's definitely not "kosher" vegetarian, but for a couple, it might have to do.  Btw, my roommates loved the lasagna, and they didn't freak out when I told them what the meat actually was. 

I can't honestly say that I am feeling better already.  To be frank, I feel just the same.  I am starting to stress out a tad.  In two weeks, I'll be moving northward a couple hours.  My life is about to get pretty hectic.  Band camp will begin for me August 6, and classes start August 15. 

I am getting excited about my hobby.  I have a "book" on this website called Wattpad.  I entered it into their annual writing contest.  As of right now, I am #411 out of over 37 thousand entries.  My "book" is #93 in the romance category, and I am not listed as an "undiscovered" author.  If anyone would ever like to read it, let me know. 

So, here's a small discussion.  My roommate has a dehydrator.  My discussion question was a random thought after I saw it.  Is there a recipe for veggie jerky?  I absolutely love beef jerky, especially the teriyaki flavored, and would love a recipe for teriyaki veggie jerky.  I would also be nice if I could find a tasty low sodium way to make it.  I guess I could always google it, but I think it would be more fun to create the recipe.

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks to whoever reads this!

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