Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Poem

So, I chose to imitate the poetry we're reading for lit class as my next paper.  I actually really like it, so I'm going to paste it on here!  Lemme know what you guys think!

** The type of poem has equal syllables in each line.  The first couplet ends in the same word and has a rhyming word right before it.  Couplets after are slightly different.  Only the second line of the couplet ends in that word with a rhyming word before it.  It can be any length. **

What Have You to Say to My Yearning Heart?

What have you to say to my yearning heart?
When you looked at me with your turning heart.

I gifted you my mind, body, and soul.
I showed much pride in my discerning heart.

Then you stole my love and threw it away.
How could you treat me with your spurning heart?

I felt so empty within my being.
Please tell me, where is my returning heart!

My friends stayed at my side after you left,
Wanting to show me a concerning heart.

But now, I have found my true happiness.
And now I take pride in my learning heart.

My true love showers me with affection.
He shows me great love with his churning heart.

So I now thank you because it ended.
For now I can live with a burning heart.